Sunday, January 31, 2010

IMEA Day 3 Clinic 2

No Child Left Behind: Implications of the Research for Music Education - Clinician: Dr. Timothy Gerber
We are trying to convince people today that we're important. We must be advocates and at the grassroots level. This NCLB is actually a reauthorization of an education act from 1965. We need to be advocating with people who can change things(principals, boards, parents)
"I understand the need for stem disciplines, but we should be a school that focuses on "steam" disciplines. This creates well-rounded students." Now we're talking about "stem" disciplines Science, Tech, Engineering, Math. "Let's go from "stem" to "steam" Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Math. If a school doesn't make AYP it "reconstitutes" the school. Fire everyone and start over. It says that low scores are caused by teachers. Not entirely true.
Parents could help with test scores by:
1. turning off tv
2. go to bed earlier
3. help with homework
4. get a good breakfast

If a school is judged solely on these tests. It must take time from the non-tested subject. The reputation is on the line! "We test what we value and we value what we test" If we test music education will it help? If you do test, what do you test? Study shows only 50% of 8th graders couldn't aurally identify what instrument begins Rhapsody in Blue. Is this what we should be testing? Is this an achievement? ''

How can we help while maintaining the integrity of our discipline? Music should stand on its own. However we can assist our colleagues in math/reading. We need to start spending energy on elementary music to improve feeders all the way up.
What this is really making me think is that I want to do a cross-cirricular unit on the "Great Locomotive Chase or "Stonehenge". I plan to talk to the SIMS teachers about this next week. I hope it's something they want to get involved in with me. Maybe Mrs. Owrig is doing a unit I can tie in with too!
What is music's impact on the economy?

Look up these Charles Fowler guy "Strong Arts, Strong Schools"

The role of the arts encouraging college aspirations.

I know this was kind of disjunct, but I think it'll help me remember to do some of these things. How are we making sure we're part of a well-balanced education?

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