Friday, January 29, 2010

IMEA Conference Day 2 Clinic 4

Yes, I know I skipped 3. My computer went dead and the room was so full that I couldn't get to an outlet. On the upside it was on advocacy and Jes came with me. It was nice to sit with her since we go to completely different clinics the whole conference. Pretty nice handout, but I don't know how much of it applicable this juncture in my career.

"Composition 101" Clinician: Robin Giebelhausen, Libertyville (HMS)
 Robin is discussing how we can't be scared of composing. It's not Bach and Beethoven. Use the instruments they play! We can't scare students either, feedback...teach them positvely and give them easy conventions(ex end on do) I'm hoping I can use some of these things to possibly teach a Knox College for Kids class on Composition.

Use composition for sightreading. Use just 1 3 5. The kids might actually like sightreading because of it. I think makes more sense for choral settings. This seems to be very geared towards general music. I was hoping get some more concrete techniques. I don't like that we're not using notation. I'm not really able to step out of my comfort zone on compositions.

Symphony project sounds cool. Each student has to do 4 movements form, slow, dance-like, and one like the first(ex credit) it's all done in garage band loops and midi input. She mentioned Audacity too. I think this is going to be the ticket if I want to do that. Usuing a wikispace will probably be the way to go. I wonder if Knox has a computer lab that I could use? The technology she's using is very similar to what Brenda talked about yesterday. That's comforting to see what's out there is being used by more people.

She says to compose a long with them. That's what I'm talking about! Kids love seeing us try too!

Now I'm taking a break until my presentation at 5. I think I'll swing back to the hotel and relax. I feel bad about skipping out on a few sessions, but hopefully it'll get me in the right frame of mind to be engaging and dynamic to anyone who comes to my session.

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