Thursday, October 29, 2009


Even though I headed off to a new school this Summer and I'm always ready for my next adventure. All parts of my past hold a special place in my heart. I think back fondly about my mom patiently listening to me practice as a beginner(you know that's not a pleasant sound).

I remember a lot of firsts. The first WIU band camp, we played "In the Shining of the Stars" and as I was playing I thought about the great friends I made. My father cried because he thought it was beautiful and he'd never got to hear me play in anything like that in school band. The first IMEA Concert, one of many I made it every year, jazz and concert band from 7th grade on. All-State was a real treat, never had I been around such inspiration. All these things have helped shape me as an educator. They all lit a fire in me.

College was a lot more experiences. Things that would take too long for this quick little window I have before my next class.

My first job will always hold a special place in my heart. It wasn't perfect, I can't say it was my dream job. I would gladly taken a bigger position right out of school, but things happen for a reason. I met some of the most incredible young men and women there. Even from across the state I'm enjoying hearing about them and what they're accomplishing.

I got this note today after attending a marching band festival on an off weekend for me where I saw my old band and some former students. Names are changed to keep this parent and student anonymous, but it really made me realize how great of an impact I can have.

"As always, thank you for the positive advice. Both John and I talked after we saw you Saturday. We agree that you are destine to do great things and have an awesome future ahead of you. Keep writing and inspiring because your excitement is a magnet for others who love music! You certainly touch others where ever you go- "

I love my job.

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