Monday, November 16, 2009

Today's Rehearsals Brought to You by

Today's Rehearsals were Brought to You by The Flip!!

I have been playing with a borrowed "tech toy" and I'm loving it. I have borrowed a "flip" video camera and even though it's white and pink, I find that I'm always finding a way to get it out and use it!

Most recently it recorded some rehearsal time earlier today at SIMS. I'm not really happy with the sound quality, but I don't think there's much out there that could beat the portability and ease of use for this device. If you've got something better let me know.

This video is a run-through "Christmas Proclamation" during 7/8 band rehearsal this afternoon. I try give the students at least one straight run-through per day so they have something to really play on during the (sometimes) tedious rehearsals during that last period of the school day. It's getting there, and lucky for us we still have 19 days until the concert!

This last video is just what happened when I turned the flip on for a bit of 6th grade rehearsal first this morning. This lovely band is what I see first hour MWF. They're a great group of kids and they're learning so much so fast.

I see a lot of great applications for video as a classroom tool. How are others using this type of technology to help students and themselves? Comments welcome as I am still collecting data for my presentation in January.

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