Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesdays are For...


Tuesdays are a great day in my world this year. I pretty much get caught every Monday after school and then Tuesday I teach a few lessons, but no full ensembles. Boy, am I loving sharing the responsibilities of a 5-12 program!

This Tuesday is especially reflective. This past weekend was Smiles Day(which means homecoming here). It was crazy! We had to prepare the HS for a Veteran's honoring ceremony which meant all the service songs, SSB, and taps for two of the leads. We also were doing something that the other director cooked up for the seniors, called the Evolution of Dance. I guess it's based on some Youtube thing? Proving once again that I'm not cool... Not to mention your standard Homecoming fair of parade in the morning and football game at night.

On top of that I led the Middle School marching band through their two parades. Let me tell you, 7/8 graders shouldn't march haha. I think that they're still learning so many fundementals that it about kills them. On step? Horn ups? Straight lines? MEMORIZE MUSIC??!?! Ahh...I think pedogogically, they should do something at the end of the year to get them excited for HS marching band, not at the beginning when some of them aren't even producing tone properly.

So despite all the craziness(choir teacher driving the equipment trailer with the back door dragging...etc) and it was crazy we made it with lots of accolades throughout. Community feedback was great. Parents loved seeing those JH kids marching. The high school band paid a nice tribute to hundreds of veteran's. Oh and I'm almost over my flu/cold. *deep breath*

The high school band is still working for its two field competitions and three parade competitions. I rewrote some drill for them. Man, I wish they would've had me write the whole show. I guess they never really know what they're getting when a school hires someone new. Resumes are only so useful.

Side note: How does one become a drill writer? I love it so much and I think I'm kind of good...

The MS is now into Concert Band. I'm excited. I've got chorales and sight-reading out in the folders and as soon as this post is over I'm going to go copy a new piece for us. I can't decide what to put in the folders, time to order some music too. I believe it will take them some time to adjust to my style and that's ok. I'm shooting for November to be running smooth.

Maybe now that I'm caught up. I'll be more reflective next time. Just another thing to add to my to do list. I love teaching music.

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