Friday, August 28, 2009

Week 1 - New School

Well I have officially survived my first full week for the Schuyler-Industry school district. There are good and bad things with every change in life. I am working with a veteran teacher who has lots of experience to share with me, but some differing philosophies. I am no longer killing myself running a 5-12 program by myself and I don't have to teach general music(thank goodness).

I've met all my students, now the task of learning the 200 or so names! I'm getting adjusted to the new school, schedule, other teachers, and all that jazz. I know it will take time, I kind of just feel like I'm doing a clinic right now.

It's just all very different. Somedays I'm so excited for the new opportunities and challenges that I face. I wonder how far can I take these students at my new school. What can offer them and what will they teach me? Other days I just want my EPG kids back, notice I didn't say the tough schedule or the headaches, but the kids.

and that's why we do this...for the kids that we will impact.

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Anonymous said...

We miss u too Freesen!! -your EPG kids!!