Sunday, July 26, 2009

IMEA Presentation

Calling All Music Teachers!
How many times have you wished that you could hear exactly what you needed to at a clinic? You're spending over an hour of your time and I'm sure we've all been to a presentation in which we did not find the value. Now is your chance to help customize a session to meet your needs.
I have been selected to present at the IMEA All-State Conference this year and I couldn't be more honored. My presentation will be entitled "The Virtual Podium: Band Communication Blogging". However, you can help customize the content right now by leaving comments on this blog post! By helping you are proving the power of this type of communication tool!
I'm looking for input of any kind so that my presentation will benefit you. For example:
  • Format. Do you want me to post a big screen and create a blog in front of you?
  • Examples. Do you have pages you'd like me to use in my presentation? Send 'em!
  • Student applications. How will this work for them?
  • Parent application. How will this work for them?
  • Public Relations. You're doing great things! Let them know.
  • Administration support. We could all use that right?
  • Other internet communications...ideas here are welcome!
  • Professional networking. Personal blogs and networking sites.

Does any of this sound interesting/not interesting to you? That list is kind of my starting point, any feedback is appreciated. Thank you for your time and I look forward to making my presentation/clinic better with your help!

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Brenda Muench said...

Hey Kyle -
I did a blogging session at IMEA last year and I think you are on the right track with your questions.

I would show the group how to do a short blog post. This helps teachers in the room to see that it really is easy!

Examples are important. Put your own blog up on the screen. Tell us why you use it. Also if you can give some information specifically for band teachers that might be helpful. Why is the blog so useful in a band classroom? If you'd like to include my classroom blog as a k-3 example you may

By all means really talk up Professional Networking! The more music teachers we can get on Twitter/Plurk/Facebook and blogging the better our network becomes.