Thursday, April 23, 2009

Band Kids Say...

UPDATE: 5/29/09
I don't really remember that show about kids saying funny stuff, but I realize it happens all the time here. Lately it seems that I'm spending just as much time laughing as my students. Here's a few gems that have come up in rehearsal. Maybe I'll resolve to do this once in awhile sometimes nice to just enjoy what happens in between the notes. It's all part of the gig right?

"I think my instrument is broken. It won't play low."
"I think my trombone is broken. It won't play high."
- Two of my 7/8 Band guys

"That's not spit it's her trombone crying because she doesn't practice." - 6th grade trumpet player

"Simon and Garfunkel? Isn't that the moose and squirrel?" - 6th grade Percussionist

"One Word: Matching shorts." - Senior drumline...can you believe it?

"So do you fish for bass because it's spelled the same as bass?" - one student talking to my bassist who lives to play it.

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Jess said...

I miss these fun goofy comments... :( matching shorts, sunshine over the mountain top, and big toe feeling... See we learned something in band!!