Monday, March 2, 2009

Neat Sites

I found a couple really cool sites today. One because I'm working on uploading audio files to my blog, let me know if you know how to do that easily. I also found one that's a real self-actualization kind of thing.

1. - While I haven't gotten to fully explore this site since I found it on my lunch break. I think it's a cool thing. You can sign up for account and listen to tons of music of all genres. It will stream right to your computer. I have a widget on the right that can take you there. Check it out and you can see what I'm listening to as well!

2. - Jes showed me this in a book when we were strolling through a Barnes and Noble last night. It was called something like Dream it. List it. Do it. Anyway this website is where the book got its start. I really like thinking about what I want to do and try to take the steps to do it so I signed up.

I hope you find these as cool as I did. I'm sure they'll keep me more occupied than I should let them!

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