Friday, August 1, 2008

The Drill...

is finished! Now comes the fun of teaching it. Writing it is the hard part. I hope that I've taught everyone who to read the drill so we will be more efficient this year. I can't believe they hadn't used drill (dot) books before.

Well I'm within a few hours of the end of Drumline and colorguard camp. It's exciting to me that last year we didn't do this three day extra camp and it went over really well this year. I think our goal for the year be to be the cleanest band in IL. We're small, but we are dedicated. I guess for my second year I really couldn't ask for more.

One of my drum majors is a great photographer so I'll leave this post with some pictures of what went on this week.

Some of the colorguard working out their moves.

Anna and Denis working hard during their second day as members of the MT.

Quite possibly my favorite drumline picture ever. Our basses practicing exercises.

Robin(the DL section leader) showing that it's not all work!

Instructor, Daniel E. gettting down to fix stick heights and rebound for our snares.

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