Monday, August 11, 2008

Band Camp is Complete

Yes, it's true band camp is over. It's a weird feeling and I'll always wonder if we got enough done or pushed too hard.

We had some ups and downs. It was nice that the weather held out most of the time. I think we only had one rain scare this year. It came during the morning of our preview performance and camp picnic. I had one parent tell me that it would clear off. I asked how she was so she sure. She simply replied "God loves marching band." I had to smile when was right!

Uniform fitting was exciting because we are in brand new Demoulin uniforms this year. The kids look sharp. I'm almost certain scores will go up because of the new look. However, the most important part is that I think the kids will be more comfortable with how they look. Pride is important to marching band. Wearing the new school colors should make the community proud too.

Marching Band Olympics are a new tradition that we started this year. It was a competition for a year's worth of bragging rights and a name plate on a trophy. The Drumline/Pit won this year, but it took a lot to be out the brass. The Colorguard/DMs weren't quite there and I'm pretty sure the woodwinds would have rather been practicing. However, the team building is very valuable. Not to mention if we don't have fun it's not worth it. Great performances, Left Obliques, and goofy games can all be worth it.

All and all I'm looking forward to an exciting season. It's kind of a rebuilding year because we lost some great seniors. I hope the kids make as many great memories as I will.

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