Friday, May 20, 2011

Helpful Resources for Horn Playing and Teaching

The school is winding down. We have about two weeks to go here at Wright State. I couldn't be happier about choosing this school. I'm hoping that next year is even better.Hopefully summer will leave a little more time for blogging as well!

The following is a handout I'm working on for my brass methods course. I hope it's useful for them as they start to think like teachers. If any educators/horn players out there have anything I should I add please comment. If you found something you might use you should comment as well.

Helpful Resources for Horn Playing and Teaching
Compiled by Mr. Kyle Freesen
Wright State University Brass Methods

Method Books for Individual Study:
Skornicka  -  “Rubank Elementary Method”
Pottag/Hovey  - “Method for French Horn - Book 2”
Reynolds  -  “The Horn Handbook”
Kopprasch – “50 Etudes, opus 6” (HS/College)
Farkas  - “The Art of French Horn Playing”(not really a method book, but important reading)
Schuller – “Studies for Unaccompanied Horn” (Advanced players)
Ericson - Introducing the Horn: Essentials for New Hornists and Their Teachers

- A website featuring a wealth of information. This includes an index of their journal, Horncall and tips of the month. You can find recordings, podcasts, and much more here.

- There is a searchable message board here covering a wide range of topics.

- A site by hornist and professor, Thomas Bacon, there’s a lot here, but most importantly go to the “Study Guide” as it outlines goals for players of all abilities and recommends method books, supplementary materials, and appropriate solos/ensembles to reach those goals. There’s even horn trivia!!

- A blog of sorts run by John Ericson and Bruce Hembd. New content is added daily. They even have a list of horn youtube channels.(A great way to get world class players into your classroom)

Resource Recordings:
“Mozart: Horn Concertos” - Dennis Brain, horn
“The London Horn Sound” - Horn ensemble music performed by 32 of London’s top players
“Perspectives” -Hermann Baumann, horn
“Next Mode”  - Vincent Chancey, jazz horn(they do exist!)
“Brahms and Beethoven: Music for Horn” - Lowell Greer, natural horn
“20th Century Settings” Gail Williams, horn

Good Brands:
Conn(8D), Holton, and Yamaha(667)

Mouthpieces: Remember, this is just a starting point, result may vary.
Yamaha 30C4(Beginner)
Schillke 30(Beginner)
Holton-Farkas MC or MDC (Intermediate)
Laskey 75G(Advanced)
Laskey 80J(Advanced, larger lips)

Humes and Berg Straight Mute(basic)
Trumcor 45T Tuneable Straight Mute(advanced)

I'm hoping Dr. Randall Faust would be proud...CORdially...

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