Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Music Education Blog Carnival- February 2011 Edition

Welcome to my first Music Education Blog Carnival

Following a month filled with activity in the field of music education. I got some great article submissions from teachers all over the world. Between hosting an honor band, filling in as the WSU Wind Symphony conductor, running my pep band, and presenting at IMEA I was engulfed in music this past month! I was glad to have @PisanoJM cheering me on and sending a lot of "Retweets" to help put this together.

Hopefully you'll find some new folks in here and maybe even a new blog to add to your RSS feed. I have also included their twitter usernames, get on twitter and join our conversation! Without further ado, please enjoy your Carnival!

Music Advocacy

Dr. Joseph Pisano(@PisanoJM), TI:ME 2011 Teacher of the Year, presents MMC Keynote: The New Relevance Of Music Educators posted at Music, Technology and Education: Mustech.net - Dr. Pisano's blog post includes his PowerPoint titled 21st Century Skills - The New Relevance of Music Educators from his recent presentation at the Michigan Music Conference."

David Ahrens(@MrAhrens) presents Music Life Lesson #5: Getting Along posted at Sound Education - Music teaches us more than how to play or sing. The life skills taught through music are invaluable. This is #5 in a series of posts by Mr. Ahrens about what else music teaches and his reflections on a #MusEdChat discussion on the topic.

Professional Development

Keith Ozsvath(@band_techie) presents Part I - IMEA Recap: Using Facebook for Professional Development posted at Teaching & Technology [in music]Keith and I presented a session on "24/7 Professional Development, Creating a PLN" at IMEA this past week. Here he has outlined the first part of our presentation, Parts 2 and 3 to follow!

Amy Cook presents When Does Technology Work for K12 Teachers? - posted at Information Technology DegreeThis article includes link to discussion about making technology "work" for teachers and dispelling myths about technology in a study done by Walden University.

Music Education

Yoon Soo Lim (@DoremiGirl) presents Visiting Artist Week: Learning from Other Teachers posted at sing imagination - What a great idea! This post explores what both students(and teacher) learned by bringing professional artists into school.

Nick Jaworski(@JaworskiMusic) presents Why is it that the music we prefer to listen to is so vastly different from the music we teach our students? | posted at Moving Forward With Music (Nick Jaworski) - "This article attempts to examine the discrepancy between the music that music education undergraduates listen to and the music that they are expected to teach when they get into the professional world. By trying to understand our future teachers' own tastes, maybe the profession can start to ask the necessary questions about what music should be taught within the classroom." - Nick Jaworski. Personally, I like the nerdy stuff I am "supposed" to teach...then again Celine Dion is ok too :)

Samuel Wright(@WrightStufMusic) presents Making Music Fun posted at Wright-Stuff Music - this is a collection of links for all things fun, musical, interactive and wizbang(his words, not mine) on the internet. It is technological, but also pedagogical and useful in performance. Great for early learning to junior high classes.

Elizabeth Heist(@Heistes) presents Dealing with Instrumentation in Ensembles posted at Music Education Highlights from an Undergrad - Miss Heist lists resources to help with instrumentation issues of school band programs. She is a student teacher, currently dealing with this issue in her co-op school's program.

Thomas J. West(@thomasjwest) presents Teaching Expressive Music Making - Beyond The Black Dots - Thomas J. West Music posted at Thomas J. West Music - Mr. West discusses music beyond the page. He says, "One of the most challenging things to do in teaching music is guiding students towards performing music expressively. Performing music is such an intricate and complex process, or is it? Basic music expression is really quite natural and fundamental to humans. As the guitar teacher at my school is fond of telling his students, "Music is about communication.""

Emily Farrell(@EmilyRFarrell) presents A Percussion Discussion posted at Waiting For a Story - A humorous and very honest look about the need to really teach percussion as a opposed to just letting them "Hit what they want. When they want. How they want."

Brandt Schneider(@BrandtSchnieder) presents Who is in your Top Ten? posted at Things To Come - "Is there agreement on what artists we should teach?" Probably not. Go weigh in on Mr. Schneider's post that was started by a NY times series.

@jmonteo presents Componiendo JUNTOS posted at Componiendo JUNTOS - "Composing together. A Spanish collaborative project to compose a song with all the schools who want to participate." Completely in Spanish.

Samuel Wright(@WrightStufMusic) presents Programmatic Learning ? Pictures @ an Exhibition posted at Wright-Stuff Music - This is a lesson you can take out of Mr. Wright's playbook. He says, "A small but useful AIR application to get students listening, comparing, score reading and analysing the music of Mussorgsky. Firstly as orchestrated by Ravel and then by Emerson Lake and Palmer."

I hope you enjoy your monthly ME Blog Carnival. From here I turn it over to the March Host, Miss Justine Dolorfino(@Justine_Robin). You can submit your blog article for her edition of Music Education Blog Carnival by using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


Next up on my blog will be some reflection articles about this past few weeks! Stay warm out there if you're being affected by these big storms across the US!


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