Sunday, January 9, 2011

The New Year Begins!

What a beginning it's been! Jes and I have now been in Ohio for about 6 months. I'm a 6th of the way through my Master's program and it's getting a little more challenging(read I had my first music history course). So here's the plan for the year in a short list form.

- Keep working hard with WSU Pep Band. Enrollment is up to 62 from 19 when I get here. Next school year Im hoping to have an auditioned group.

- Keep looking for ways to move myself out of the score. I can't believe how much the band sees the top of my head...embarrassing. That's what video tape is for I guess.

- I hope my new doc can figure out this stomach pain issue I have. I'm actually kind of scared since no one has solved it and it's been a year. It feels weird to type it, but maybe it's good to just get it out there.

- GET MARRIED! Of course this is the biggest one for 2011. I'm so glad I've found such a wonderful women, who doesn't care that I'm a huge band dork. I hope the wedding is as awesome as it can be!

- Write more posts about the experiences of school, including more book reviews. I think it's a valuable resource for me and maybe it'll help some of you out there too.

- Get into a little better shape, which I plan on doing by playing soccer with some of the Centerville Staff.

- Study with the Legend, Wayne Markworth, while teching for the Centerville Jazz Band again. I hope that all pans out. I watched "From the 50 Yard Line" again last night and it leaves me with many questions about what just I will eventually want.

- Try more restaurants, events, sights, etc...around the area. This is the biggest place we've lived to date and I think we need to take more advantage of it.

- Attend at least one conducting workshop. I'm in for Ball State's, but I might to try to squeeze in one more.

- Present at IMEA with Keith O. We're talking about PLN's and hopefully it will be a big success. I think I'm going to try to do a similar presentation for a different state next year so we'll see how it goes.

- Lastly I'm doing the "365" photo a day thing. I think it will be some of the most interesting stuff I have. Why not document a year in one picture a day?

Now it's time drop the standard New Year's post and get to work. Book reviews are coming up as well as doing some history note organization!

What are you going to do with 2011?

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