Saturday, July 31, 2010

Away We Go!

Well the move to Ohio didn't exactly leave a lot of time to settle in here. We arrived on Saturday, unloaded and now exactly a week later so much has happened. Here's the short version. I think eventually I will write a post about what I thought of doing an away band camp, since I had never experienced one of those before.(I'm also new to being a tech on a large staff. I'm used to being the director or in the band!)

Monday we did a day of camp at the high school and I went to Wright State to sign my GTA contract. It was great to speak with Mr. Jobert again. He's one of the music education profs at Wright. He let me in on a lot of information about what I will be doing there and it was nice to have that contact with him. He also is the one who takes care of the WSU Music Facebook page. I think great things will happen at that school.

Tuesday I left Jes, my future wife, in a very unfinished apartment so that I could go to camp with the Centerville Jazz Band(look them up if you don't know this marching band). It made for some long days. It's tough being the new guy on a staff that really knows how to work and play together, but I met some amazing kids and I'm looking forward to spending a couple seasons with them.

Jes worked like crazy to make our place a home and when I came home on Friday night. It looked more like something of HGTV than a little white box. I'll probably post up some pics on our wedding blog. I'm feeling very fortunate that she was brave enough to come on this adventure with me. I know she left a lot to do that for me and I really appreciate that.

Now I'm recharging for the weekend, doing some more apartment shopping, and catching up online. I can't believe I hadn't been on my laptop all week. Then again when you're teching for the band 12 hours a day and then playing volleyball with the staff at night, there's little time for computing. I also need to get a chance to jump back on I hate that I've been neglecting that!

I hope this will be a great place to talk this year as I expand my horizons. It's going to be a wild time. Graduate school, working with a phenomenal group of kids, living in a new state, and getting married! Hold on to your hats, this blog might actually get exciting!

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