Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Time, No See

Hello Blogosphere, it's been awhile.

I always get myself excited to blog and then life gets in this way. Now I feel like I have reason to blog, that's not just purely for my own archives. I've locked on to to Twitter and it's given me an instant connection to around 80 educator all over the globe. I'm serious this time(and with summer coming up it should be easier) to any of you who find this I'm looking forward to reading comments and adding your blogs to my reader.

So here's the reasons I've been so absent. I will go into more detail when break starts, especially about future plans as they unfold.

In the next few days I will finish my year at Schuyler-Industry. I know it was a short-lived, but I learned a lot about myself and where I want to go. I think I did a fair job of helping some young musicians attain some lofty goals as well(middle schoolers knowing all 12 major scales in a little rural school!) I'm not sad to be going just because things are looking so bright.

I'm leaving to attend Wright State University to earn my Master of Music degree in Wind Conducting with Dr. David Booth. While I'm there I get to earn my assistantship(full tuition and stipend) by serving as Athletic Band Director, teaching a jazz history course, and being the assistant conductor for the Wind Symphony and Chamber Winds. In addition to that I emailed some area band directors about helping with marching band and the response was great. A few schools were interested in my help, but I never would imagined getting a spot on my "Dream Team". I get to help at Centerville High School with the CHS Jazz Band. Earning a conducting degree in a great midwest town while staffing with one of the best marching bands in the country. Oh I'm all smiles here!

I also spent the last 6 weeks working as the Music Director for Community Players production of "The Producers" by Mel Brooks. As you know musicals take a ton of time, to make matters worse the show went up in a town 93 miles from where I work. I know, it was not the best judgement to take on the show, but they needed someone and I got to work with some of my good friends in Bloomington/Normal. Not to mention my lovely fiancee was a featured dancer and I got to watch her on the monitor every night. It was a hit, I've never heard so many good things about the orchestra. Since we were hidden in the back and piped through the speakers some patrons thought we were a CD. I take it as a compliment to the pit!

Tonight is #musedchat and I have a class coming up. Today we are playing "May Madness" we have a scale challenge bracket and we're going head to head to see who's the scale master today!

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