Friday, April 9, 2010

Diigo: The Useful Bookmark

I'll admit it. I'm not a big fan of bookmarking. I don't have a list of favorite sites on my laptop. I just either remembered the address to the places I frequent the most or I did a new google search each time I wanted to find something. This was working out ok(minus the frustration of not being able to find something in using the search terms I thought I'd used last time!) Then a colleague introduced me to Diigo...I tried not to say it in public for fear of sounding dumb, but it's became one of my most used internet tools.

Those of you who used bookmarks on your computer before will be blown away because this one can go to any computer with you. If any of you are like me you need to start using this because your constant searching is WASTING your valuable time!

Diigo is also a collaborative space and great addition to your PLN(personal/professional learning network). I am a member of two music site sharing groups, Teaching Music and MusicTechieTeachers. For your convenience those are links to two great public groups. Once you join up you can access any of the links that people have tagged for those groups. Oh yeah, the tagging system is a great way to sort! No folders to create and it makes search so simple. My advice tag with lots of helpful words. Once you get going you'll add sites to it all the time, especially if you install the Diigo toolbar.

Find the site by going to and sign up for an account to start archiving the best of the web now. My username is KFreesen and I'd be glad to hear from you and start collaborating in this space as well!'s pronounced DEE-go...Incase you actually have to talk to someone about it. Share this wonderful resource!

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Brenda Muench said...

love, Love, LOOOOOOVE Diigo!!! It's saved me many times. It's also my go to when I need to find a new resource in education instead of Google. It's amazing how much stuff is easily found using this site/application. I downloaded the Diigo Toolbar as well. Now when I don't have it I get frustrated. That's a sign of something I use daily.