Sunday, July 22, 2007

The First Gig

So I have taken my first gig in a small town just north of Bloomington, IL. I moved away from all that I knew and I'm starting out in a pretty cool place. No stop lights here, but at least they have a McDonnald's. I feel a little out of my element.

The school is just a little over 350 kids. The staff isn't around much since it's summer, so I'll be ready to meet some of them. I hope there's some younger teachers to befriend. We'll need it I have a feeling.

It's not a big band, but it's a band and I hope someday soon I'll think of it as my band. About 40 members including the colorguard. I have meet a few of the kids and they seem cool. I have spoken to both of the drum majors and a few girls who were at the school the other day for some choir stuff. I kind of felt like a goldfish, everyone wanted to check out the new guy, but not as many wanted to talk to me.

I know I'm following a tough act. They really loved the last director, so I have to make it my own without destroying their feelings for him. It's a line to walk, but I can do it. I'm pretty good at bringing people together. I like to solve problems.

As I sit in my new office, wondering how I will make mark, what I will teach them, I can't help, but think this is only the start of something big.

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